If you are looking to replace, repair or upgrade your van then using a van parts finder or breakers yard can be a great way to do this on a budget and most of the time it is an easy way to find exactly what you are looking for.

Whether you are making a modification, replace a broken component or improving the performance of the vehicle it is worth bearing in mind any potential impact to the insurance cost of the vehicle, particularly for younger drivers looking to insure their vehicle.

Insurance is a particularly big issue with those under the age of twenty-four and the annual cost of insurance for a van or other vehicle may be extremely higher for those under this age. There are a number of things that can be considered in order to keep these costs down so that the amount paid for insurance premiums is kept to a minimum.

Replacing components that would increase the performance of the vehicle such as an increase in speed should be avoided as modifications and performance are hot topics with the insurance companies. Also, modifications could increase the value of the van, hence hiking the premium up. Making such modifications could increase the insurance premium by as much as 15%.

Size matters. The size of the engine is obviously of key importance and the usual rule is that the bigger the engine, the bigger the insurance premium. Engine size has a high impact on insurance and increasing the engine size even by 0.1 litre can have a massive affect on the amount quoted.

Sporty features such as trims and sports models on cars can also impact the total asked for by the insurers. Sticking to basic models is for the best if you’re trying to reduce costs. More common manufacturers and models are also a safer option than a rarer van or car.

Additional driver training should be offered in order to lower the costs of premiums charged. Special motorway efficiency tests also offer a lower cost in insurance so it’s worth doing these if the insurance company offer a lower premium for passing them. Most drivers would, it’s fair to say, take up an offer of extra tuition or an extra test if it they could save money on their premium. The insurance companies themselves would benefit also from this, as the more competent drivers would be insured with them.

It is true to say that the higher the value of a van, the higher the insurance will be. New and high value vans will need to be insured for the value of their worth and of course this will impact the amount you will need to pay for insurance. If you are trying to keep costs down, an older used model should be considered.