So many people confuse today’s custom vans with the old VW with murals on the sides. If that’s what you are picturing, you are not alone.

Though they have been around a long time-they’re not limited to what your grandparents created in the 60s or even what your parents bought in the 80s.

If you haven’t seen one lately, you are in for a big surprise. With today’s custom van, the sky is the limit as far as amenities go. If you can conceive it, conversion companies can build it!

Whether you are looking for a travel, a camper or a wheelchair van, you should consider purchasing a conversion van, they start out as an empty shell direct from the factory, and are then professionally converted using your chosen design options.

Purchasing a new conversion van can be a little like purchasing a new home, but without all the costs. Custom conversion means exactly that -customized transformation of the vehicle.

You don’t have to settle for one of a half-dozen cookie cutter models the manufacturer decides to offer. The vast number of options offered by the conversion company far exceeds anything from the manufacturer.

Conversions are extremely popular due to their variety of uses. You can choose any make or model of vans available on the market today and outfit your vehicle with everything you could ever desire to suit your style and taste.

Any van that has been customized for comfort can be considered a conversion van. These are really luxury vehicles used to transport 6-10 people in comfort. They can have some of the features of a “Camper Van” or “Class B Motorhome” but are typically more upscale and designed for daytime use and luxury transportation. These vans may have a raised roof, fancy paintjob, custom wheels, leather seats, Captain’s chairs, dual stereo, TV/VCR combos, etc.

For a real luxury van, consider buying a Limo van conversion. These beautiful conversions offer the ultimate in comfort and style and are large enough for the entire family.

Conversion vans are even available via the Internet so that you can order your custom conversion van from the comfort of your own home and even have it delivered right to your door.

Choose your chassis and have your new Chevrolet va conversion, GMC van conversion, or Ford van conversion built to your exact specs. New conversion van orders typically take 2-4 weeks to be built.