Ford is the second largest automakers in the U.S and one of the nation’s oldest running nameplates with a large selection of vehicle in its lineup including the famed Super Duty truck. It is one of the best-selling trucks in the United States and it’s easy to see why; not only is it super tough, durable and capable but it also offers a comfortable and engaging drive. The Super Duty competes in the competitive truck segment with other with vehicles such as the Chevrolet Silverado and Dodge Ram. Despite its massive size the Super Duty handles extremely well and offers a refined and comfortable ride.

One of the truck’s best features is its extreme durability; the 6.7 L Power Stroke diesel engine is super tough and can be expected to hit the quarter of a million mile mark. It also meets all of the latest federal emissions standards. The Super Duty is available in the following trims; F-250, F-350 and the F-450. Opt for the F-250 or F-350 and you get to choose from 3 different engines; an eight cylinder, ten cylinder or a Powerstroke with a diesel engine. The V8 engine has a total output of 300hp while the ten cylinder puts out an intense 362 hp and 457 lb feet of torque.

The best thing about this truck is that you can customize it to your heart’s content; you can select from various trims, cabin configurations and even opt for a cool Work Solutions workspace. The truck is available with various different configurations and interior set ups; Crew, Super or Regular Cab. The Regular Cab can seat 3 individuals across a bench. The Super Cab is able to seat 5-6 adults while the Crew seats up to six persons. Seating is quite comfortable with plenty of space in the back for all passengers. One of the Ford’s most notable features is its superior Sync system which allows you place hands free calls, receive turn by turn directions, switch up your music via simple voice commands, receive traffic alerts and even receive audible text messages. This system can even connect you to 911 if the airbags are deployed during an accident. There’s even an option to integrate a Work Solutions package which will allow you to access the world wide web and office applications via the LCD screen.

Safety has been thoroughly addressed by Ford in order to ensure the safety of all occupants. Features include front and side air bags and an anti-lock braking system. The advanced traction control system limits wheel spin by minimizing engine throttle while the Advance Trac with Roll Stability control works to keep the vehicle stable through applying pressure to the brakes as necessary. Seatbelt pretensioners are in place which tighten up during impending collision.

If you’re looking for a tough truck that can tow a ton but also offer a refined and smooth ride then the Super Duty might be the perfect match for you. The Super Duty can function as a daily commuter car but it has the power to perform tough towing jobs; it’s a work horse through and through. If you decide to use it for commercial purposes, you can even opt for the Work Solutions package and attend to work related issues right from the driver’s seat. The Super Duty is competitively priced at $26k which makes it affordable regardless of whether you choose to purchase it for work or pleasure.