History of Bucket Trucks

Bucket trucks were designed as a tool to easily pick fruits in orchards (hence the name cherry picker). Technology grew rapidly and demand as well as adaptations for bucket trucks grew accordingly. People realized these amazing utility trucks could be used for much more than just picking fruit. They could also be used for hanging signs or decorations. Wiring for electricity and telephones exploded in the early to mid-1900s. During that time, they were what revolutionized business. They allowed workers to be more efficient and helped linemen get more accomplished in a day. Without them, a week-long job could take 20 days or longer. They set the standard for efficiency.

Utility Trucks in Today’s World

Modernized trucks are used for thousands of jobs and even recreation. Most of the jobs today are line-work (telecommunications, cable, and electricity industries), forestry work such as tree trimming, painting, sign and light repair or installation, window washing, production and photography, plus a lot more. The increase in demand has required manufacturers to adapt the trucks to each industry’s needs. Now the industry has forestry trucks that have cab guards, line trucks with insulated booms, articulating booms or telescoping booms. The adapted trucks really do help companies and workers to be the safest and most efficient they possibly can.


Bucket trucks are considered under the market threshold. What that means is that it is hard to find a quality one to buy, especially if it’s used. Used bucket truck dealers are a dime a dozen. If you are looking for quality equipment, I suggest renting or purchasing your truck from a known dealer. Find a dealer that has been in the industry for a long time. Make sure they specialize in refurbishing. Get references from their prior clients and make sure they are truly knowledgeable about the refurbish process. Buying used equipment comes with considerable risk. Operating a bucket truck is already dangerous enough, so it’s imperative that there are no cut corners in the refurbishing process. If you buy new, be ready to pay a very high price. New bucket trucks are expensive and a lot like cars, they lose money as soon as you take ownership of it. Small companies typically buy used bucket trucks or rent them for long-term contracts. It’s the most efficient way for them to do business. Even larger companies like to buy them used as, even if repairs are needed, they still end up less expensive than if you were to buy a new one.

New Found Knowledge

Hopefully this article has helped further your knowledge of this awesome invention. If so, it’s point was met. Now, you can appreciate them as well as understand what bucket trucks are used for. If nothing else, you know now that they are one of the most useful and practical machines in today’s world. Utility trucks are relatively dangerous, so make sure to take the proper safety precautions as defined by the OSHA, DOT and ANSI before operating or being near a one.