The British born manufacturer Land Rover is synonymous with vehicles that are designed for purpose plus strong, reliable, hard-wearing and easily at home with driving off-road in the countryside, as they are in a town.

The company’s pedigree stretches far back to its launch in 1948, in that time it has made its mark not only in the British motoring industry, but also across the worldwide motoring globe. I’m sure it would be hard to find a country that does not have a Land Rover in residence.

To date the Land Rover design and concept has not really changed much during its 63 year history and evolution. Originally the Rover Car Company owned the Land Rover name and related purely to one vehicle dedicated to on and off-road use. Where as today the brand has grown hugely and moved with the times, because you can buy a Land Rover in many different guises.

These various options when choosing your SUV of choice will depend largely on what you plan to use the vehicle for? As, if you are a farmer or someone who lives and works within the countryside throughout the seasons, you might be better to choose the traditional Defender model, because of its go-anywhere 4×4 workhorse reputation.

If you occasionally live or visit the countryside and you require option of the 4×4 drive-train, but a want a plush car-like interior of an SUV (sports utility vehicle), then the Freelander 2 or the Discovery 4 might be a good choice for you.

For the luxury aspect to the Land Rover stable, you can choose from the Range Rover series of vehicles with their tailored capabilities and specifications. The Range Rover saw its beginnings start back in 1970 at its launch by company, as the company saw a gap in the market for a luxury SUV and the Range Rover was born.

The Range Rover now comes in three different models; the new Range Rover Evoque, The Sport and the Range Rover in its premium guise. The new Evoque has got the automotive and SUV market worked up into a frenzy, and was launched in September 2011.

So what next for the Company? Well they are planning to fit the newly developed “EU5” 2.2-litre diesel engine to the Defender models; this will replace the current EU4 2.4-litre diesel unit. This will bring both greater levels refinement and performance to the 2012 Defender.

The Land Rover is often attached with the tag-line “the best 4x4xfar, so you can see why from its DNA.