Depending on the year of vehicle you have and what Jeep parts you need, finding Jeep replacement parts can be rather difficult. Even if you know exactly what you are looking for from reading Jeep how to articles you will still have trouble finding what you need locally in some cases. However, there are some tricks to help you find the parts you need to maintain, repair or modify your vehicle.

Big Name Parts Stores

This should be your first stop in your search for Jeep replacement parts. Every city has at least one major parts store, and this is where you should begin your search. If they don’t have what you need in the store, they may be able to order it for you and get it to you within a few days. Big name parts stores cost a bit more than other parts stores, but they are more likely to be able to help you.

The Internet

If your local parts store can’t get you the Jeep parts you need, check out online retailers. You should be able to find any part you need online. This is often the preferred way to find Jeep modifications or Jeep lift kits, which are not typically available at the regular parts stores. However, you must be careful of two things. First, watch shipping charges. Sometimes the shipping charges are so ridiculous that you might as well go buy the part from the dealership.

The other thing you need to watch for is whether or not the site is trustworthy. Check out any business you consider ordering from with the Better Business Bureau before placing your order. This is important because less trustworthy sites may try to send you used parts when they advertise new ones. The prices are cheaper than other new parts prices, but more expensive than used parts prices. In the end it is all one big scam that can be completely avoided if you are careful about what sites you purchase from.

You Pull It

In some cities there are “you pull it” types of part outlets. This is basically a lot of used vehicles that no longer run for whatever reason and are parked to be used for parts. You go onto the lot, find a matching vehicle to your own, and if the part you need is in good condition you pull it off yourself and take it home for a very small fee. You have to really know what you are doing though, because you have to be certain that the Jeep replacement parts you take from these vehicles will actually meet your needs and be in good condition.

The Jeep Dealership

If all else fails, you can take your parts list from the Jeep how to articles to the dealership and order them there. You will pay more money than you would from a parts store, but you know the parts are good and there won’t be any shipping fees if you have a dealership nearby. Remember that you won’t be able to get Jeep modifications or Jeep lift kits this way, but you will be able to get most other Jeep parts in this manner.