Let’s begin with a hard-to-overlook truth. RVs are expensive. And they should be… after all a RV is a home on wheels, complete with sleeping quarters, a kitchen and other amenities that make traveling by RV an absolute pleasure. If you plan on “living the RV lifestyle” annually (that is, enjoying yearly RV vacations), it makes sense to buy the RV of your dreams. If annual RV vacations are not “your cup of tea,” you may consider a one-time rental.

The Cost May Be High… the Benefits are Immense.

There can be no doubt that the purchase of a RV can “put a dent” in your budget or your savings. But, if you and your spouse have been saving for some time for the trip of your life (or at least the year)… take the plunge and buy the RV of your dreams. You will get a lot for your money… especially if you plan to use the RV to enjoy annual trips or vacations. America is a beautiful country… there is lots to see and enjoy… and a RV can be your “traveling home on wheels.”

If you cannot afford to buy a RV… Consider a One-Time Rental.

Why… because it’s much less costly to rent a RV for a one, two, or even three week vacation than it is to buy a RV. That should be obvious. But, it is also cheaper to rent a RV and travel America’s roads than it is to book a room in a posh resort hotel or on a cruise ship. And… traveling by RV is much more interesting than sitting poolside at a swank, beachfront hotel. And besides, you’ve probably spent more than one vacation at one of those “fancy” hotels.

Whether you rent of Buy – Fun will be a Major Part of your Agenda.

There’s a reason why millions of Americans choose to enjoy trips or vacations in a RV – it is fun. It’s also liberating… adventurous… often exciting… and a huge departure from what can only be called a standard vacation – you know, the kind that is spent in a hotel waiting for the next meal. When you travel by RV, you set the tempo and the pace – you go where you want, when you want – that’s personal freedom. And it’s why RV travel is so popular. Whether you decide to buy or rent, traveling by RV is something that you will be happy you did.