Camping has always been part of anybody’s leisure. Families, friends, colleagues take the luxury to search for campsites to stay overnight. Giddy and exhilarated, campers burdened with overloaded bags packed with clothes, tents, blankets and food travail dusty, rocky, and oftentimes high roads to stay outdoors. They had to hurdle the scorching heat of the sun, the pouring rain, the muscle pains, and the potential danger outside all for the sake of camping. Moreover, they had to bear the fact if they unintentionally forget some of their personal belongings

Nonetheless, much has changed today. Anybody can go camping, without having to go through much hardship as in the past. There is not much to worry about bringing everything you need, not much to fear about the danger along the way, great thing about camper vans.

Nowadays, camping has even become enticing for everyone due to the convenience that camper vans provide. But, what is about camper van? How has it improved camping life?

A camper van is oftentimes referred to as a camper. In the United States, it called “recreational vehicle” and tends to be a lot spacious than those in Europe. In United Kingdom, it termed as “Dormobile” while Kombi in Australia.

These camper vans come with specialized roof which can be raised during travelling or may be during time of camping, imagine travelling in open air vans with beer bottle in hand it give super feelings, it it’s not post production part, it come with body of van, these are some great thing about camper vans. These vans are like small home on road as it has almost all homelike facilities. It comes with facilities like kitchen, toilet, and bathroom, bad in larger model, television, some indoor games and all that so it is total fun.

Such vans do have various features designed to suit the owners’ taste. The designs ensure that the real concept of camping isn’t compromise, that though camping may be made convenient through the vehicle, their features are still meant for camping expeditions.

Various transportation and vehicular companies manufactured their own versions of such vans making sure that the primary purpose isn’t refuted.

As follows are just but some of the common features of these vans.

  • “Gas/electric powered refrigerator”
  • Gas/electric powered water heater
  • Gas/electric grill
  • Microwave
  • One or more beds. Some of the beds are double and some are single
  • Electricity that is supplied with the help of external hook-up or leisure battery
  • Toilet with removable disposal tank
  • Shower
  • Television
  • Air conditioning
  • Bike rack
  • Wastewater tank for “grey” (wash) water
  • Extensible external Awning
  • Water tank