One of the most affordable ways to go on vacation is with a camper, also known as a RV. Campers allow you to skip the hotel costs and fees, and stay in a camp ground. You have most of the modern conveniences of a hotel or cabin, and skip having to sleep on the ground in a tent. The newest models are amazing, and are just like a little apartment or trailer home. Purchasing a brand new model can cost as much as a house, but there are many affordable used options and they can also be rented for an affordable fee.

There are many different types of campers. The RV stands for recreational vehicle, and is like a little home and car in one. All of life’s little luxuries can be found in one of the newer models. This is pretty much like a tour bus that bands use while one the road. They can have a bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette, and more! A pop up is an RV that has expandable living spaces. Extra space and rooms can be folded in and out on the sides as needed. A travel trailer is a little home away from home that can be pulled behind your vehicle. These are usually less expensive than the models that drive by themselves, but they many people find them more convenient as you can unhook them and leave them in the camp ground while you drive out for groceries.

There are many manufacturers that make and sell campers to retail customers. Brands include Three Way Campers located in GA, Jayco, Northern Lite, and many more. Buying new always costs thousands more than buying used, and renting is again an affordable option for those who cannot make a large investment. People decide to invest in these, as you can then almost vacation for free, and skip all lodging expenses. If you bought a used camper and stayed in it three weeks a year, saving almost $2000 in hotel fees per year, in ten years you could save $20,000! The best time to buy is at the end of the year when retailers are trying to get rid of the current years inventory, or right after the beginning of the year when the new stock comes in.