When you hire a campervan or motorhome in Australia, a big decision can be where to go. Different factors are taken into consideration including what you will see on the way. The outback of Australia is stunning, and definitely worth exploring if you are considering motorhome or campervan hire.

You will have many amazing experiences while travelling in your campervan – campfires, beautiful vistas, road trains, wildlife and meeting the most interesting people, all wanting to share their story with you.

Your first sighting of a road train, particularly if on a narrow road can be daunting; however these tips should make your trip a safer and more enjoyable experience.

• Road trains can be up to 55 metres long – the length of 10 cars.

• If you cannot see the road train side mirrors, then the driver cannot see you.

• Due to its weight, a road train accelerates and brakes slowly.

• If you plan to pass a road train ensure you have plenty of clear road to do so – at least 1km – expect it to remain on the bitumen while you are passing it.

• If a road train wants to overtake you, do not slow down prior to being overtaken. This means it has to slow down which makes it more difficult for it to pass you. Instead maintain your speed and only when it is passing you, slow down.

• Some outback roads in Australia are sealed the width of one lane, in the centre of the road. This is because there is not a lot of traffic, it is cheaper and ensures that when you meet a vehicle you still have one side of your vehicle on the sealed road. When a road train comes towards you on this type of road, the best course of action is to slow down, indicate and then stop off the road as far as you can safely do so. This will ensure it remains on the sealed road, and there will be no stones coming your way from the unsealed section of the road

• Beware of soft road shoulders, wildlife and guideposts when pulling over to the road edge.

• In wet conditions wherever possible try and keep two wheels on the sealed road to avoid getting bogged.

Remember you are on holiday, and if you find yourself behind a road train, relax and enjoy the countryside until you find a safe place to overtake. Better yet, this could be a great opportunity to pull over and make a coffee – that is the beauty of travelling in a campervan!