Boston is named as the biggest city in Massachusetts and the one of the oldest cities in United States. It anchors larger metropolitan area called Greater Boston which has a population of 4.5 million people. The city’s climate has both humid subtropical and humid continental. Winter season is typically windy, snowy and cold; dry, warm and sometimes rain happens during summer season; autumn and spring’s mildness varied on wind directions and positioning of jet stream. The month of July is the hottest month while its coldest month is January.

The city also offers a lot of attractions that draw visitors to the state. Historical establishments, beaches, zoos/aquariums, gardens, parks, sports and some performance venues comprise the amazing wonders of Boston.

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Here is the list of Boston’s specialties to add excitement to your trip:

Boston Museums– John F. Kennedy, Boston Fire Museum, Science Museums, MFA and The Isabella Stewart Museums are famous museums of Boston. If you are into art, history and tradition this place is for you. Boston Museums are recommended for kids as they learn a lot of educational facts for both history and science.

Sports– people from Boston love and live with sports. They treat sports seriously as a source of fun and income at the same time. Basketball, tennis, soccer, football and marathon are the usual sports that these people are into. No wonder how teams such as Boston Celtics, Boston Red Sox, Boston Cannons, Boston Breakers, Boston Marathon and Boston Blazers brought home bacons as the sign of their victory.

Shopping and Dining– you will be astonished by Boston’s shopping and dining establishments wherein you can find luxurious and world renowned boutiques as well as the country’s best gourmet restaurants.

Shows and Concerts– Opera houses and theatres also became Boston’s attraction as they imply both modern and classical musicals. Ballet also adds entertainment in showcasing popular stage interpretations.

Freedom Trail– This trail gives importance of American History which continues to reveal the unforgettable memories of the past. 16 historical sites are being toured for two or three hours covering during the two and a half of American history. The Trail is guided by the red brick attached to it.

Parks and Golf Courses– Frog Pond, Swan Boats, George Wright Golf Course, William J. Devine Golf Course and Franklin Park are some of Boston’s adventurous treat for its visitors. Recreation, camping and boating are a must in these places.