Potholes are one of the biggest enemies to every-day drivers. Potholes can easily be one of the biggest threats to the well being of your vehicle, as they can compromise the alignment of your vehicle.

While you may work to avoid potholes, you may still find yourself running over large holes in the ground. You should know as much as possible about potholes and alignments to better understand why you should avoid them, and what they can do to your vehicle

Potholes can Wreck your Car

Potholes are mostly found in climates that have changing weather patterns. As the driving surface goes through temperature changes, it expands and contracts. This can cause damage to the road, which can eventually lead to potholes.

Potholes can easily damage your vehicle. The size and shape of the pothole will bring the front tire of your vehicle down. This misalignment can cause serious issues with the alignment system in your vehicle.

Issues can also be caused by any contact that your vehicle may have with the surface of the road. If the pothole is big enough, you may drag a part of your car on the ground, causing extensive damage to the front of your vehicle as well as to the undercarriage of your vehicle.

You are Liable for Potholes

It is important for many to realize that they are liable for any damage that can come from a pothole. While the road may be city/government property, they are not held liable for these issues. If you drive over the pothole and cause damage to your car, you are responsible for those repairs.

What Potholes can Damage

Potholes can easily damage the underside of your vehicle. The potholes may actually cause leaks in your car if the bottom of your car touches the ground while hitting a pothole.

Potholes can also affect the suspension and alignment system of your vehicle. The pothole contact will actually damage the alignment and suspension systems. The car may not be able to absorb the shock of driving if the suspension system is damaged by the un-even, abrupt shock of the pothole incident.

Potholes can ruin the alignment system, as the system that helps to keep your vehicle straight can be compromised and changed by the impact. When this system is damaged, it causes the car to lean in a specific direction. The impact will remove the car from its straight alignment, causing it to pull when the vehicle should be going straight.

It is impossible to go through the lifespan of your vehicle without hitting a pothole. While some climates have better roads than others, most will come across potholes multiple times per year. Do what you can to avoid these potholes, or to go over these potholes as slowly as possible. This extra effort will help to ensure that you do not cause damage to the undercarriage, suspension, or alignment of your car.