Need to lift your car to do some repair work? Jacking up your vehicle is something that we all must do at some point in our lives- but as long as you follow the proper steps, it can be very easy!

The first step is to make sure that you have the correct equipment at hand before starting. You will need a set of trolley and jack stands to support the weight of the car. Make sure that you have all these items and don’t just use only a jack, since seals on floor jacks are known to fail every so often, leaving only one thing left to support the car – you!

While it may seem like an additional hassle, they drastically reduce the chances of an accident occurring. It only takes a few seconds to correctly position them underneath the chassis, and once this has been done you can begin the repair safely.

Here are the steps to using car jack stands effectively:

· Using a floor or trolley jack, raise the vehicle up. Only raise it as far as you need to, don’t overdo it.

· Once the car is up, bend down and examine the underside to gauge where the jacking points are located. Check your manual if you are not sure.

· Next, take each jack stand and raise it to the correct height, which should be just a few mm lower than the jacking points.

· Steadily lower the car until all of the weight is supported by the stands.

· Give the front of the car a gentle shove, it should feel solid with no movement. The car should now be safe to work underneath with the stands supporting the weight should the car slip from the jack.

· To let the car back down, simply follow the steps in reverse.

Using jack stands helps avoid accidents when working on the underside of your car, so remember to always use them. Remember – safety is paramount!