You would hardly be able to profitably sell off your old motorcycle if you write your classified advert poorly, or give it to an inexperienced copywriter to write for you. One of the most powerful instruments for selling off your old motorcycle is buying writing a killer advert for the classified section of your local paper, and this you better do right at the first attempt with the help of this article. Writing adverts for your motorcycles for sale bids should actually be a stroll in the park, but sometimes it is not, and that is why you must pay attention to the following points or you might end up having your motorcycle gathering dust for you.

One of the first thing you need to do in writing a classified ad is by contracting it out to a professional with personal experience in motorcycle related matters. And where you could do the copywriting, you could still do with some little professional helps here and there that will tweak up your sales copy for instant results. What are the main ingredients for your classified ad copy? The essential elements should be the specific features and conditions of your old motorcycle. Classified newspaper adverts for motorcycles for sale must contain the following basic information:

You must give the model of the motorcycle and the year of manufacture. People want to know when a motorcycle was manufactured and the particular model or brand it is, this is what determines whether it would be suitable for their particular needs or not. You must also state the engine size and capacity in your motorcycles for sale classified to guide the customers into having a fair idea of the size and capacity of the motorcycle engine. You must be able to state the mileage it has covered and the overall general condition of the motorcycle, including the present color. You should state if you’ve added any valuable parts to it and other maintenance receipts, and do not forget to ask for the ‘asking price’ while leaving your contact information for possible call backs.