The halogen lights you use for your motorcycle is not environmental friendly. They use a lot of energy and burns out frequently. Their light emission per energy ratio is also very bad. They are cheap, but you are killing the environment when you continue to use them. That is why you need to change to a better motorcycle headlight, Xenon or HID headlight.

How HID help does save the environment? First of all HID uses less battery power than a halogen bulb. Comparing them side by side, the HID light will only use third of what the halogen light would use. Less more means time you have to recharge your motorcycle’s battery less often and thus saving the environment. They also have wider light coverage so you do not need bigger lights to shine your way or use more energy for that matter.

Halogen headlights works by running electricity through the filament, which in turn will heats up because of the high resistance and that produces light. The gas inside the bulb functions to stop the filament from overheating and breaks. The science for the halogen light is not meant to be environmental friendly. HID headlights do not use filament at all. It works using electric arc science. Electricity runs through the light build but it charges the gas instead of the filament. This produces plasma and gives off light.

You can also have different colored lights for your HID motorcycle headlights. This is because they charge up using different watts which affects the plasma production. The more the electricity is sent through, the more and brighter the plasma will be. Halogen bulbs cannot do that because you cannot change the electricity value. Pump it up too much and the halogen light will just burn. So the colored lights coming from halogen lights are actually tinted. So their performance will not be as good as the real colored HID motorcycle headlights.

HID motorcycle headlight is superior to halogen headlights if you want to make your motorcycle more eco friendly. Other than their low power consumption and lack of filament use, the lights are also cooler so your motorcycle does not produces extra heat.