Once found only in the airplanes, the portable DVD players are nowadays far more affordable and within everyone’s reach. However, before spending your hard-earned cash on the most expensive make and model, take the time to understand how they work, what features they come with, and what options they offer.

For starters, for a large vehicle or a van, you should select a dual-screen DVD player with at least seven-inch monitor, while for smaller city car, a smaller screen size would do as well. Apart from the size, you would want a monitor with little glare and one that is clearly visible from different angles. Although the quality of the picture has greatly improved in the past few years, some of the cheaper brands still come with poor quality audio and this could be quite frustrating, especially if your backseat passengers are trying to watch a movie, while you are driving on a noisy motorway. Purchase a unit, which could be powered by batteries, car adapter, and mains adapter since this gives you the best of both worlds – a DVD player, which is small enough to use in the car, yet could be used at home too and hooked to a large TV screen or used on its own.

Take a look at the specs before purchasing and see what file formats are supported, what functions are included, and find out if the set comes with earphones and remote control. The accessories, which are available for a particular model, could greatly extend its functionality too – some of the dual screen portable payers could be used to play multiplayer computer games, which allows them to be turned into a gaming console instantly.

As always, consider the price of the product and do not pay for the brand name alone, but make sure that higher price tag is actually justified. If you are searching for feedback on specific model, get online, and head over to some of the large review sites, where you would be able to read many unbiased posts from happy or disgruntled owners. The ease of setting up and using the player is also important and if you have trouble operating it, then your younger kids might not be able to use it at all. Always go for a set, which is easy to install and mount in a car, easy to carry, and does not need dozens of cables to be powered and connected.