We all know that a vehicle tracker is a must, especially for fleet management. This technology has saved companies thousands and allowed them to offer a more efficient service. Information on this is widely available on the net, just be sure to choose a reputable company that actually provides results. I thought it would be fun to look at what other companies could benefit from tracking technology. The pin-point accuracy, ability to use excessive force, and speedy recovery would be ideal for the following:

Library: You would no longer attempt to take advantage of the kindness that your librarian shows when you return a book four years late. Once the rental date expired, she would simply have to tilt her glasses, strike a pose and push a button. The retriever attached within the book would light up and you would suffer the consequences in just a couple of minutes. Fully armed library guards would bust in your door, neutralize the danger by locking you down on the floor, retrieve the goods and issue you with a fine on the spot. The fine can be paid, but your dignity would be damaged forever.

Video Store: Are you one of those people who take out a new release and arrogantly keeps it for days, just because you are too lazy to drive back to the store? Then this would be worthwhile just because of you. The nerdy video store assistant who you belittled the other day will also accompany the contingent of heavily armed officers who interrogate you with their batons until you confess to your minor offense.

Public Play Zone: Some parents are just unable to keeping track of their children. Play zones in malls could fix this and ensure top quality service by fitting a slightly uncomfortable tracker onto the back of each participant. If they try and escape, the device will simply cut their engine, forcing them to drop to the floor where they can be retrieved and given back to their rightful owners.

On a serious note, vehicle tracking is not something that should be taken lightly. Whether for personal or business needs, a loss of your vehicle/s is both traumatic and costly. Businesses can also suffer detrimental losses from bad employees. Shop around to find the deal that best suits your needs, whether you just want assistance in the event of theft, or if you want to be able to track a large fleet. Be smart, get protected.