The desire for perfect sound clarity during high music volumes has been in the forefront of importance for audiophiles, especially automobile audiophiles. Equipment that can provide the fidelity and crispness of high volume controlled music is not difficult to acquire, but having something reliable may be one of the hurdles most car audio installation professionals face.

A standard subwoofer, let us use a fifteen-inch model for example, may attain a great sound quality in the midrange to bass ranges, but the installation of these enormous speakers can run into common problems. Installing the speakers behind the auto rear seat, or placing them in a box in the trunk of the car, can minimize the auditory range of high peaks by muffling those frequencies.

What is needed is powerful devices that can not only resist muffling from materials in direct line of the sound output, but can also give crisp, clean, non-distorted sound at high volume levels. Ease of installation due to refined and efficient shape is also a boon to the professionals, as well as connectivity and compatibility.

The Jackhammer subwoofer for the car is the answer to all of these issues when it comes to overall cost and installation problems. The company that manufactures these amazing speaker systems guarantees that the sound quality is like nothing ever heard before, and that nothing stands in the way of the clear and crisp output, even if stowed in the trunk of a car.

The Jackhammer subwoofer, which is not your father’s subwoofer, is a cone-shaped device with advanced electronics and newly designed materials. The manufacturer has created the enclosure to funnel sound from the drivers in an increasingly efficient manner, gleaning all of the available power without loss of frequency ranges. The designers made the unit itself to be mounted anywhere, allowing a much more versatile and creative placement option, since the front profile of the device is much smaller than a standard subwoofer.

The housing of each Jackhammer subwoofer unit reduces any vibration or rattle, which is a common problem in standard speaker and subwoofer installation. There are sizes that can fit any car’s speaker array, but the most important would be the rear and door-side speaker systems. Having this kind of power enables the user to enjoy frequency ranges at lower volumes, such as with orchestral or symphony strings.

The frequency ranges surpass even the highest of expectations, and it is possible to achieve all sound levels with just a set of these amazing units installed properly. From the screech of an electric guitar to the steady pulse of a drum machine in a techno beat, the Jackhammer subwoofer can definitely wake up your senses.

Jackhammers are a bit pricey, but for something that will outlast the sound system, blow your mind every time you listen, and be an investment in extreme high quality, these speaker systems are the “yes” for those looking for excellence.