The portable DVD players have been on the market for quite some years and are already being included as a standard feature in many vehicles. They are excellent for keeping kids or adult passenger entertained since they allow them to play back various types of multimedia files such as music, movies, and pictures. Most of them also come with universal mounting systems, which allow them to be used in almost every model car, no matter how big or small; in most cases, they are attached to the front seats’ headrests with either straps or special brackets, and are very easy to mount and remove. Since there is a wide variety of make and models out there, choosing one requires careful consideration.

Before purchasing an in-car DVD players, take into account:

  1. The supported multimedia files. While all potable DVD players will obviously support the DVD file format, some of the latest are capable of playing back DivX and other extensions, which are quite popular today. If you plan to listen to music, then selecting a model that plays MP3 files comes highly recommended.
  2. The screen size – naturally, larger screen is preferable as it would deliver better viewing experience, but larger screen also means bulkier unit, so you need to consider that as well.
  3. Power options – while some portable DVD players could be powered by batteries, others cannot, which makes them usable only inside the car or in the house, if they come with AC adapters. If the player comes with batteries, find out what the battery life is, especially if you have no other option to power it.
  4. Audio and picture quality – the latest in-car DVD players offer outstanding picture quality, but at times, the audio is not clear or loud enough. If at all possible, test the sound quality before purchasing the unit or get online and read a number of user reviews in order to learn more.
  5. Wiring – you do not want to deal with messy wiring since this could present hazards, especially if you have kids, and also makes setting up and removing the player more difficult.
  6. The accessories that come with the portable DVD player are also important. Remote control is vital if your kids cannot operate the unit on their own and so are the various chargers and cables, which would extend the player’s functionality. Good cases would also help protect the screens, and help you carry the player easily.