If you spend a lot of time in the car, your kids are probably not shy about letting you know how bored they are. When they get bored, they want you to entertain them. If you don’t, they may entertain themselves by doing something that you don’t want them doing while you drive, or at any other time for that matter. Short trips are easy to handle, but if they have to be in the car for more than twenty minutes, and you do this quite often, you should consider something like the car portable DVD player to keep them happy, busy, and content on any trip you have to take.

Some cars, vans, or even some trucks come with a DVD player installed. This is a great bonus, but is not always the best choice. If you have a new car or van with this inside, you don’t have to to think about getting a car portable DVD player for your kids in the car. If you have more than one kid but can only play one movie, however, you may run into some problem. If you are lucky they will like the same things, but that is not usually the case. You may want to get a portable one that you can give to one child while the other enjoys the installed in your vehicle.

You can find a great car portable DVD player for a very good price these days. Look at the features and specs before you decide which one you want to buy. What you want to look for is how long the battery is going to last each trip, and if you can plug it into your car for extra power if the battery dies. Also look for refresh rate, which determines how clear and continuous the picture and movie are going to be. Very cheap DVD players are going to show a choppy movie, so keep that in mind.

No matter what brand you choose, one thing that is better about the car portable DVD player is that you can take it out of the car. This means your kids have something to do when you go visit relatives for the holidays. They can get overwhelmed with a lot of relatives they don’t know, and a quite time in a room with a movie is just the thing that can help them calm down and relax. They can also use these at home when the family TV is taken by someone else. These have to be charged to be used, but you will find that they are useful other places than in the car.

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy the car portable DVD player. Adults can use these too. They are great when you are going on a trip when you are not driving, like a bus or train trip. You can also use them in your home when the kids are watching a special movie, but you have no interest in being in the room. You can sneak away and enjoy your own movie. These portable DVD players are cheaper than ever, and just as useful as you can imagine. Family time is great, but a person needs some me time once in a while. If you have kids, or if you love movies yourself, this is always a great investment.