They have appeared on TV, talked about on the radio and splashed over the cover pages of magazines. What exactly are electric cars and what do we know about them? Well, there are some facts that you may want to acquaint yourself with about this new type of cars that run on batteries instead of gasoline.

First, you may want to know that an electric car is not a complex automobile, at least from the engineering point of view. It has fewer parts and components than a regular car.

There are three principal ways to have an electric car. You can buy it premade from the factory, you can convert a gasoline car to electric one yourself or you can ask a professional mechanic to do it for you. All of these means will provide you with an electric car but at varying costs and conveniences. You may also want to know that anyone at all with the right tools, parts and guide, can convert his own car to an electric.

An electric car is faster than many critics assume it to be. Some can achieve speeds of about 60 miles per hour, which puts them in the range of the lower end of mid sized sedans. In some cases, 100 miles per hour have been recorded. For urban use or city driving, this is more than the average you need to move around comfortably.

The batteries on which the electric car runs do not wear out after every mile. You can use the same pack of batteries for thousands of miles.

So here you are with some quick facts on electric cars.