Everyday, motorists are getting worried over the cost of running and maintaining their cars. Compounding the problem is the ever increasing gasoline prices which seem to disorganize many family budgets. Electric cars therefore come as a relief to many of such motorists as the cost of running them are very low. Compared to a regular gasoline car, the electric car will offer about 50% in savings.

The cost-effectiveness of the electric car emanates from the fuelless system that it operates on. Instead of gasoline, it runs on batteries which are charged periodically to produce fresh power for the vehicle.

The cost per mile for an electric car is significantly lower than that of a gasoline based automobile. A mid sized electric car will use approximately $0.05 to cover a mile. Compared to a regular car that consumes $3 worth of gasoline for 12 miles, an electric car is indeed cost effective.

Unlike combustion engines which require frequent refueling, an electric car will only need a single charge of its batteries. You can go for more than 35 miles before your batteries begin to run down.

Electric cars will provide high performance with less energy. Regular cars moving from rest, climbing steep hills or carrying load will need to consume more fuel to be able to undergo such tasks. With an them your energy consumption will be flat as no liquid energy is expended. This feature affords the electric car driver a lot of savings as he can move about in all types of terrains and varying topographical conditions without thinking about depleting his fuel tank.