What is the most efficient alternative fuel automobile in the market? Surprising the most efficient car that runs on alternative fuel does not use any gasoline at all. It is the humble electric vehicle (EV). Most car owners are really stressed by the rising fuel prices. Refueling at the local station has become an expensive ordeal. Many people are actively searching for ways to reduce their gasoline expense bill hence the popularity of electric vehicle. Unfortunately, the current new models of electric car are still expensive and are not very practical. One option is to build an EV via Do It Yourself (DIY) approach.

The concept of converting a gasoline driving car into an alternative fuel automobile such as an EV is quite simple. The idea is to remove the internal combustion engine and replace it with an electric motor. The electric motor will generate the torque needed to turn the transmission and move the car forward. When the engine is gone, all its associated components such as gas tank, fuel lines, exhaust pipe and radiators are also removed. All the free spaces will be used to store the batteries needed to power the motor.

For someone who has no car maintenance knowledge, doing an electric car conversion project at home may not be a good idea. In this situation, you should send your car to a professional workshop to be retrofitted. To be prudent, you should have some basic understanding on the science on an EV. This is to safeguard you from being charge for unnecessary parts or work done. You can obtain electric car information from many EV conversion guides on the web.