There are two principal ways to charge the batteries of an electric car: you can use the ordinary AC outlet at hoe or use a commercial charging system purposely built for the electric car.

Of all commercial electric car battery charging systems, the Magna-Charge system is the most common and widely used. They are manufactured by Magnacharge Battery Corporation, one of the world’s leading high power battery charging systems developers. The company was created in 1964 and has since produced many innovative charging systems across the world. Magnacharge Battery Corporation specializes in deep cycle batteries for golf carts and has about 80% share of the market.

We now take a look at how the Magnacharge System works.

The assembly looks much like the regular gas station fuel dispense except that where we have nozzle, the Magnacharge System has a plug. The machine is erected upright and sometimes only a small part of the front can be seen. It is usually mounted into a wall.

The Magnacharge System has a 240V 40 AMP circuit system that enables it to charge the batteries faster than the ordinary home AC outlet.

When you send the electric car for charging, the paddle will fit into the battery terminal outlet usually hidden behind the rear license plate. Once connected, power is transferred from the Magnacharge System to the car’s batteries.

The paddles and all other companies of the Magnacharge System are insulated so there is no risk of shock from exposed parts.

The Magnacharge System has one advantage over many charging systems. It has the equalization feature that allows weaker cells to slow charge till they equal the amount of energy into strongest one before quick charging begins. This way, the already strong cells are not instantly overcharged.