You have the nicest classic car on the block, heck you have the nicest classic car in the city. When you drive it people point and stare and will often come up to you and comment on just what a great car you have. You know it, you are the envy of anyone that looks at your car or speaks to you about it. But lately something has changed, as much as you love that car you are thinking about getting a new ride, maybe something a little more classic. So in the back of your mind you are thinking, I am going to sell my car. 


However, you know a lot about cars and know that anyone in the city and probably the state would give their right arm to have your car. But only a few people have the expendable income to make a purchase for a classic car like yours. So you need to be clever and consider where you can advertise your car and gain the greatest exposure.

First, don’t rule out the mass market approach. Look at Craigslist as an inexpensive way to reach the masses which might actually help you overturn a few gem individuals. You might be surprised that people with wealth look for classic toys to add to their collection.


Another place is car clubs and associations that are unique to your make or model. Many of these places have websites that have classified sections for you to advertise your car and many potential buyers are waiting for people just like you to put your car on the market.


Last, put a for sell sign in the car, you might be surprised at how many people will ask you questions and one of them may be in a position to make the purchase. 


You have put so much into this car, not just love and attention but money. Gather information that will allow you to describe and show people the investment you have put into it and that you will be transferring the investment onto them. Maintenance records will also show them that you cared enough to manage your classic car. These records not only provide a level of comfort for the buyer it can result in a higher sell price for you.


Because you have a classic car it will be a little more difficult to set your price, so some research will need to be done. Selling a classic car is a unique opportunity, enjoy the ride.