Many people love old muscle cars. They love them if they are restored, wrecked, or even if they look like a basket case and needs lots of love and work. These cars are not only American Classics; they are also a piece of American History that we all can be proud of. It was a time when the Detroit was cranking out quality vehicles that everyone wanted to own.


Now it’s harder to find the vehicles we know as classic vehicles. But there are still many places that you can go and find the perfect car to own, or to restore. Maybe you want to drive it daily, or just to car shows, you may want to restore it with your son or daughter and share the bonding experience that working together on a project like this can bring. Finding the perfect vehicle will take time. Here are some great places to look when looking for a project car to restore.

  1. eBay and other Online Auctions. You never know what you will find on eBay that you can purchase. There are rare cars, one of a kind cars and cars in different stages of repair. They have all price ranges, and the nice thing is usually you can find all the parts that you need online there also.
  2. Craigslist – Here you can find just about anything that is local for you. There are new ads added all the time.
  3. Online Magazines. They have classic car ads online that you can find many types of vehicles. Many of the car bargain trading magazines come out weekly and most the time they have them online as well as in print.
  4. Auto Car Shows and Car Swap Meets. These are held several times a year where they have auctions, and car corrals with many cars for sell. You will want to bring cash when you go and be ready to deal on the spot as if you walk away from one of these cars it may not be there when you come back.
  5. Local Car Shows and Car clubs. These clubs usually have meetings at regular intervals and the club members are usually knowledgeable about vehicles that are available for sale.

It may take several months before you find just the right car for you to purchase. But the car is out there that is just for you and your needs.