Everything in this world has a reason. Most of the inventions and discoveries made by men also have their respective reasons behind it. This only means that if a person is in his/her right senses, anything he/she does, have a reason. Car donation for example, is an activity made by people with different intentions and reasons. But for all of you out there reading this article, here are the top 3 reasons to donate a car:

1. First reason would be that it will help those people in need. Proceeds of the sale of your donated car will go to charities and institutions that cater the needs of the less fortunate people. This alone is the best reason to donate a car. Remember the golden rule: Do unto others what you want others to do unto you. There will come a time that you will also be in need and other people will help you because you helped others when they are in need. So it is a very good idea to donate a car as a charity work.

2. It can cut your tax. Yes, you heard me right, if you donate a car you can avail of tax deductions. Remember that cars are not the only vehicles you can donate. You can also donate a boat, trucks, RV’s, and motor homes. Just make sure that the organization where you donated your car is listed as a non-profit organization.

3. The third reason to donate your car would be; it will give you extra income. There are organizations that offer high income for you. This means that they will maximize the value of your car so that your income will also be high when it is sold. Also look for a company that offers partial payment for donations that have higher value. This means that if your donated vehicle is considered “high value”, you will receive a partial payment for your car. Don’t worry because it is perfectly legal. These are the offers that you must look for in a company before making a car or boat donation.

In conclusion, to donate a car or boat for a cause is a very good thing to do. The great thing about doing this selfless act is that you will help people that are in need and at the same time you will reap the benefits of your good deed. In the end, you always have the final decision whether or not to donate any of your property.