In most states in the US you are allowed to drive a car at the age of 16. If you’re a parent looking to buy your teenager their first car then it’s best to buy them a model that is safe for them to drive that you can feel secure in their safety when they’re driving alone. Being that you want your teenager to be safe on the road then it probably makes the most sense to buy them a newer car model. Newer models tend to be safer on the road than older model due to enhanced safety feature that the newer models are likely to possess. Also late model cars will probably have more crash features such as deployable curtain airbags in the event of a crash or stability control to help prevent rollovers.

Since teens are more likely to be in a fatal accident than adultsit makes sense to buy them a vehicle that will help them survive an accident.

Another thing to consider when buying a car for your teen is the size of the car. A mid to larger sized cars is the preferable size to buy for your child. While smaller vehicles have more maneuverability younger drivers do not possess the skill sets to use those features properly. Also, many small cars are on the list of cars with the highest death rates in crashes. Considering that teenagers are also more likely to want to test the speed of their cars on the road the less horsepower the better. Therefore a sports car will likely not be the best choice of car to buy for them. Truth be told the more boring the car is the more likely it will be that the car is safer to drive. Of course this is not the type of car that most teens like to drive, but car manufacturers have been putting out sportier cars that also possess the safety features that you as a parent will be looking for. Some models to consider buying your teen include cars such as Honda Accords, Toyota Camry’s or a model by Volvo. If you really want to please your teenager consider buying them a car that’s safe but comes in a coupe model. This type of vehicle will appeal to both you and your child because you know that the car is safe, while they’ll still be able to impress their friends with their new car. In the end you’ll want to simply buy your child the safest car that you can afford.