Now that it’s spring, we all are very aware of the potholes. There is a lot of swerving to avoid them. Hitting a deep pothole is detrimental to our tire, mainly the rim of the tire. When that happens you are left stranded on the side of the road until a tow truck comes. Both the tire industry and automotive industry is ready for whatever the weather has to throw at your vehicle. Generally, I get my tires tested once every couple of years. This isn’t recommended. I would rather at least once a year, but money doesn’t permit. However, when you’re ready for tire testing, advise tire and automotive industries for quality maintenance and long-term savings. When tires aren’t up to par, the entire drive of your car could be compromised.

Innovative measurement solutions include tire geometry measurement, tire uniformity and dynamic balance, among x-ray inspections. X-ray inspection machines are available for passenger, truck, and bus tires. Inspections are advantageous for clear images from bead to bead. Note, though, that tires are tested before being put on any vehicle. Each tire being tested is being done from engineers and operators. Tire geometry measurement testing helps detect measurements that may have been overlooked with uniformity and dynamic balance machinery. Which test is more important than the other, though? Let’s say you want testing to be done, but just want to choose from one? That is difficult to say. It’s dependent on what type of problems you are experiencing or trying to avoid.

Tire uniformity and dynamic balance measurements helps to prevent any bouncing, tire wobble and improper steering. When your car is bouncing, it’s best to avoid driving far distances, which goes against what vehicles are there for. I love driving in the first place, but I also like the fact that I can leave whenever I want to. Keeping up to date with my car’s maintenance, like oil changes and rotating my tires, keeps my car running smoothly. It appears that dynamic balance and tire uniformity have similar purposes with tire geometry measurements are for further examination of your tires.

So if you go over that pothole this spring, tire and wheel assembly rooms combine all functions to mount a tire onto a rim. The automotive industry understands the frustrations of even a slightly bent rim. Tire testing prevents and imperfections that could have been added to your vehicle.