You proudly drive your brand new vehicle off the lot, but how will you keep it looking as sleek and lustrous as the first day you bought it? If you are like most people you are concerned about your vehicle rusting, and you have good reason to worry. The paint on your car is what protects it, however, it is constantly being battered by the elements on a daily basis. Over time sun, salt, water & oxygen will start breaking down your cars barrier. And don’t forget the underside of your car it is virtually unprotected and needs to be maintained as well. Rust can start with a chip of paint or ping from pebbles and dirt kicking up from your tires or a small dent. Once rust takes hold it will eventually eat away at and destroy your vehicle. Rust prevention is the best cure. Here are 11 easy steps that will help keep rust away.

•Make washing your vehicle with a mild, safe cleaner that will not harm your cars protective paint covering a regular routine.

•Be sure and jet wash your cars undercarriage once a month if possible, make sure and clean the brake and fuel lines well, they are susceptible to rust.

•Dry off your vehicle thoroughly with a cotton cloth and be sure to leave the car doors ajar to let the water drain out of them.

•Waxing and polishing your car will help keep it safe from the suns ultraviolet radiation and will help prevent dirt and grit from the road from sticking and damaging the paint.

•If it is at all possible keep your car garaged or covered to protect it. Extreme changes in temperature, sun, rain, sleet and snow will over time compromise your vehicles paint allowing rust to creep in.

•If you live in a humid environment or in an area where salt from the roads or sea are an issue, wash your vehicle and its undercarriage often.

•In the winter when your vehicle has mud and salt on it from the roads you do not want to park it in a heated garage where the ice and salt will melt, wash it off first.

•Never let anything containing moisture set on your vehicle for long periods.

•Avoid parking your car in direct sun light to protect its paint.

•Check your car for rust on a regular basis, check around your vehicles finders and directly behind the tires where pebbles can kick up and chip the paint. If you find rust be sure and take quick action to fix the problem.

•Oil undercoating your vehicle at least once a year will protect your car from rust and will penetrate and slow down any rust that is already present.

Nothing will depreciate your vehicle faster than unsightly rust. No one wants to purchase a rust bucket. Protect your investment by practicing these car maintenance tips today.