Looking for the inside scoop on Motocross Riding at Ocotillo Wells then read this article all the way to the end. In this article, I’ll cover some of the great things about motocross riding at Ocotillo Wells.  Not only is the riding insane, but Ocotillo also offers many unique points of interest within its 80,000 acres.  Ocotillo also is open to just about any type of off road vehicle.  Once you have finished this article there is no doubt you will have Ocotillo Wells on your list of places to ride.  So if you live in Southern California or visiting the area make sure you make the time to check out this incredible Motocross and Off-Road adventure spot. 

As mentioned, Ocotillo Wells offers over 80,000 acres available to ride and having so many acres gives riders or drivers of every experience level a place to ride.  From steep hills and massive jumps to nice and easy trails, Ocotillo offers the novice to expert thrills at every turn.   

Not only will the riding be unforgettable, but Ocotillo Wells also have many unique points of interest to stop and observe during your days out in the dust.  There is no doubt these unique areas at Ocotillo will make for a remarkable day or weekend.  You can spend the morning riding out to Gas Domes to check out these weird bubbly spots of grey mud and stop on the way back to Blow Sand Hill and check out the Pumpkin Patch.  That is right, The Pumpkin Patch…large pumpkin shaped rocks made over thousands of years from fossilized insects and sand.   

Do not forget, if you are not a motocross rider you are certainly able to bring your 4×4, sand rail, dune buggy, quad, or any other vehicle to tear it up in the desert.  Ocotillo is a must see if your in Southern California.  So if you live anywhere near or visiting this part of the country you definitely need to add the spot to your list.