Have you ever thought that gasoline to diesel conversion is indeed possible? Yes, this conversion is possible. It maybe complicated but with enough money and time, anything is possible. To give you an idea, below are some helpful facts at the same time problems you may be faced with once you attempted to convert your gasoline engine to diesel engine:

1. Gas and Engine fuels have fundamentally diverse properties. Diesel sparks off quickly whereas gasoline is made not to.

2. When it comes to volatility, gas can be said to be more volatile compared to diesel.

3. As a result of points 1 and 2, apparently these two engines are of different ignition systems, diesel making use of thermodynamic ignition and gas with spark ignition.

4. As a result of point 3, both engines need different valve and injection timings.

5. Diesel engines have greater energy density which means to say that minimal amount of fuel is required to do the same work.

6. More torque is produced by diesel engines which results to a far heavily built engine being required. Even a reasonably sized diesel engine can stand the good opportunity of converting your gas powered tyranny into shredded wheat.

So how do we resolve this? This would lead us to do three things:

a. ) Injection System: Diesel Injection Pump

b. ) Ignition System: Injection line heating to above auto-ignition

c. ) High Torque: Change injection pump to lessen injection duration at all speeds.

It is possible to do gasoline to diesel conversion but we cannot comment on its practicality. You can run gas in a diesel engine though expect it to not sound so good and long lasting but still, it can be done. For one reason, gas engines are built with too little compression. So most probably what you have to do is to re-design and rebuild it to meet this goal. Just take it one step at a time, have someone with relevant mechanical skills to do this, and check you budget as you may need to spend more than you have expected.

There are other options available if you want to convert your gasoline let say to another engine. However, you must keep in mind that a conversion from gasoline to diesel engine is far simpler than a conversion for instance to a propane, even if propane makes a good supplemental fuel. Now, will you still go for gasoline to diesel conversion?