There’s more to choosing the right type of ATV Helmet Cam than just surfing the Internet. Here are some tips to finding an ATV helmet camera. You will need to have a shock resistant helmet cam for all the bumps you may encounter on the trail. You’ll want your helmet camera to be weatherproof in case you get caught in the rain or have to cross a creek. Finally, you will need a secure mount to hold the helmet cam to your helmet or ATV.

Not all helmet cams are shock resistant. Some vendors are selling cheap security cameras that will fall apart after a couple of uses. When you’re hitting the bumps and flying through the air, you don’t need your helmet cam breaking down. Make sure the helmet cam you purchase can take the abuse. Most reputable dealers only sell shock resistant ATV helmet cams for your ATV.

Having a weatherproof camera is important if you are going to be riding in varying weather conditions or wet terrain. You don’t want a camera that will fizzle out on you the first time it gets wet. Choose a dealer that only sells weatherproof helmet cameras. This will insure you can record rain or shine.

You’ve heard many people say it over and over again – your helmet cam must always be secured to your helmet snugly. But how snug is snug, how tight is tight and how loose is loose? Here’s a tip that you can use when you’re shopping for the right ATV helmet camera. You will want to choose mounts that are mobile and that can be moved from one view to another. Action Video Cams offers Deluxe rubber mounts with sewn on Velcro that hold the camera securely. The Velcro will allow you to move it from one location to another type of mount, is the 360 degree Free angle mount is a clamp mount. You can mount it to a tripod or anything you can attach it to with a 1/4 x 20 screw. The free angle mount can help you capture camera angles you can’t get with other types of mounts. Using the proper mounts will insure you capture the shot you want without your ATV helmet cam falling off during your ride.

ATVing involves riding over rough terrain in varying weather conditions. Bumps, jumps, dirt, and water can all affect your ATV helmet camera Choosing the right weatherproof, shock resistant helmet camera with a good mount will ensure you will be able to capture all of your favorite trail rides on video for years to come.