I am really lucky to live right on the Paiute ATV Trail. All I have to do is get up in the morning, jump on the ATV and go on a wild adventure.

I remember one such adventure a few years back where the wife and I headed up Koosharem Canyon bound for Manning Meadows. It was late May, late afternoon and the roads were still muddy. In some places impassable (as we soon found out). We were able to make it to the junction with the road coming over from Monroe and got stuck in a Big snow drift. I hate to admit it but I was unprepared for such a calamity. We didn’t have sufficient water, food of any kind or enough clothing to keep us warm if we had to stay the night. Monroe Mountain peaks can get around 0 degrees even in late May. We were lucky enough to have remembered our cell phones and were able to call for help. The only person home was our 16 year old daughter who had just received her drivers license and had not yet navigated the treacherous snow packed byways in the mountains. After much coaxing, the dear daughter got up enough nerve to hop in the jeep and come to save her dear old dad (and mom).

Will this type of adventure happen to you? I hope not. Be prepared and plan ahead. Always carry water and food with you. Even a thermos and a bag of pretzels are better than nothing. Make sure you have a lighter or matches with you. Something as simple as a fire can make the difference in life or death. My trip on the ATV trail could have turned from Adventure into a disaster. Don’t let a disaster happen to you.