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Automobile Conversion – It is Economical to Drive Electric Cars

Everyday, motorists are getting worried over the cost of running and maintaining their cars. Compounding the problem is the ever increasing gasoline prices which seem to disorganize many family budgets. Electric cars therefore come as a relief to many of such motorists as the cost of running them are very low. Compared to a regular gasoline car, the electric car will offer about 50% in savings. The cost-effectiveness of the electric car emanates from the fuelless system that it operates on. Instead of gasoline, it runs on batteries which areRead More

How to Stay Safe on the Road When Driving Your Truck

Any adult can drive learn to drive a car. But driving a bigger vehicle such as a truck is a different story. Truck driving is no mean task. It needs additional skills that will allow you to handle the huge vehicle in the most proper way while on the road. In fact, truck drivers in order to be qualified to become professional drivers are required to undergo formal training at truck driving schools. The commercial driver’s license or CDL training is an important qualification that companies involved in the transportRead More

Laser Wheel Alignment: Chassis Mounted Vs Wheel Mounted

Laser Wheel Alignment Systems Laser Wheel Alignment Systems are a modern approach to wheel alignment. Wheel alignment certainly is one of the most significant setup parameters for racing cars. You would ask why… Because even things like moment center location and setup balance lose their importance, compared to wheel alignment. The alignment package has a massive amount of influence on the way that a race car behaves and performs. One of the most common questions asked is which is best – wheel mounted or chassis mounted lasers? Answering such aRead More

Jack Up the Volume With a Jackhammer Subwoofer

The desire for perfect sound clarity during high music volumes has been in the forefront of importance for audiophiles, especially automobile audiophiles. Equipment that can provide the fidelity and crispness of high volume controlled music is not difficult to acquire, but having something reliable may be one of the hurdles most car audio installation professionals face. A standard subwoofer, let us use a fifteen-inch model for example, may attain a great sound quality in the midrange to bass ranges, but the installation of these enormous speakers can run into commonRead More

Oil Change Coupons and Auto Repair Savings

Having the lubricant in a car replaced in one of the best and most frequently needed forms of maintenance on a vehicle. The cost is fairly reasonable and the benefits it confers are immeasurable. Unfortunately, in a tough economic climate even this relatively affordable service can be hard to budget. Fortunately there are oil change coupons available from top mechanic shops that can offset and reduce the price. Generally this type of work costs only thirty or forty dollars but it can be possible with the right advertisements to findRead More

The Ferrari 355 Sports Car

The Ferrari 355 – A close look at this classic sports car’s performance, technical data, features, comparing rivals, history, used prices from Classic to Modern THE CAR The Ferrari F355 sports car, introduced in 1994, was the successor to the 348 Series. Styled by Pininfarina, there was an emphasis on smooth lines, whilst embodying a fastback style. It was offered as the two seater Berlinetta coupe, the GTS with a Targa-style top, and the Spyder convertible. At launch, the Berlinetta was priced at $130,000, whilst the other two variants bothRead More

How You Can Tell If Your Jeep Has Been Abused?

If you’re in the market for a used Jeep it can be a bit of a challenge to find one that has been well-taken care of and not been driven carelessly. It is important that you look under the hood and even crawl underneath the Jeep. Even if you are not experienced in knowing what to look for, certain problems can be easily noticed by the naked eye. When looking at pre-owned Jeeps you should give the Jeep a thorough looking over. Don’t take the word of the seller asRead More

How Camper Vans Surpass RVs

If you enjoy some of the comforts of home while exploring the great outdoors, camper vans offer an economical and dependable way to be comfortable and reach your destination with ease. Whether new or used, Class B camper vans are self-contained and offer all of the comforts of an RV without the hassles. Easier storage and drivability are two advantages of a camper van over an RV. Cost is another advantage-not only do you save on fuel costs, you save on storage fees since Class B vehicles can be easilyRead More

Honda CRV 2012 Review

Honda CRV is one of the most successful compact crossover SUV’s of all time and has been a best seller for many years in it’s category. What makes it distinct from other vehicles is that the ingenious design that packs comfort, reliability, handling, styling and fuel efficiency into a compact form The CRV was introduced in 1995 and was the first SUV from Honda. The most awaited 2012 model with a complete redesign from it’s previous version, is it’s fourth generation. Yes, the latest model has undergone a complete redesignRead More

The Rise and Fall of the Two Stroke Quad

There’s nothing quite like the scream of a two stroke engine and the smell of burning engine oil is always right there with that scream. In the world of motorsports its sound is unmistakable. Dirt bikes would see the two stroke engine utilized on early models because of the smaller size. Snowmobiles would also follow suit because of the light weight. It was only a matter of time before the ATV would make use of the technology to improve response, increase speed, and reduce weight. The first two stroke quadRead More