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Friday, February 26th, 2021


Motorcycle Tire Care and Maintenance

What good are all the cool accessories, chrome, etc. you’ve purchased if they end up sliding down the road without you because a tire blew out? And that’s not to mention the road rash or worse, having your parts strewn across the pavement. Tires are the most important safety factor on your bike – yet many bikers neglect them, cut costs, or are unaware of all the factors that affect them. Tires support the weight of the vehicle chassis off the ground. They help absorb shocks from the road surface.Read More

A Look at the Magnacharge System For Electric Cars

There are two principal ways to charge the batteries of an electric car: you can use the ordinary AC outlet at hoe or use a commercial charging system purposely built for the electric car. Of all commercial electric car battery charging systems, the Magna-Charge system is the most common and widely used. They are manufactured by Magnacharge Battery Corporation, one of the world’s leading high power battery charging systems developers. The company was created in 1964 and has since produced many innovative charging systems across the world. Magnacharge Battery CorporationRead More

Road Train Tips For Campervan or Motorhome Hire

When you hire a campervan or motorhome in Australia, a big decision can be where to go. Different factors are taken into consideration including what you will see on the way. The outback of Australia is stunning, and definitely worth exploring if you are considering motorhome or campervan hire. You will have many amazing experiences while travelling in your campervan – campfires, beautiful vistas, road trains, wildlife and meeting the most interesting people, all wanting to share their story with you. Your first sighting of a road train, particularly ifRead More