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Thursday, February 18th, 2021


Car Portable DVD Player

If you spend a lot of time in the car, your kids are probably not shy about letting you know how bored they are. When they get bored, they want you to entertain them. If you don’t, they may entertain themselves by doing something that you don’t want them doing while you drive, or at any other time for that matter. Short trips are easy to handle, but if they have to be in the car for more than twenty minutes, and you do this quite often, you should considerRead More

Automobile Conversion – It is Economical to Drive Electric Cars

Everyday, motorists are getting worried over the cost of running and maintaining their cars. Compounding the problem is the ever increasing gasoline prices which seem to disorganize many family budgets. Electric cars therefore come as a relief to many of such motorists as the cost of running them are very low. Compared to a regular gasoline car, the electric car will offer about 50% in savings. The cost-effectiveness of the electric car emanates from the fuelless system that it operates on. Instead of gasoline, it runs on batteries which areRead More

How to Stay Safe on the Road When Driving Your Truck

Any adult can drive learn to drive a car. But driving a bigger vehicle such as a truck is a different story. Truck driving is no mean task. It needs additional skills that will allow you to handle the huge vehicle in the most proper way while on the road. In fact, truck drivers in order to be qualified to become professional drivers are required to undergo formal training at truck driving schools. The commercial driver’s license or CDL training is an important qualification that companies involved in the transportRead More

Laser Wheel Alignment: Chassis Mounted Vs Wheel Mounted

Laser Wheel Alignment Systems Laser Wheel Alignment Systems are a modern approach to wheel alignment. Wheel alignment certainly is one of the most significant setup parameters for racing cars. You would ask why… Because even things like moment center location and setup balance lose their importance, compared to wheel alignment. The alignment package has a massive amount of influence on the way that a race car behaves and performs. One of the most common questions asked is which is best – wheel mounted or chassis mounted lasers? Answering such aRead More