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December, 2020


The Advantages Of Personalised Reg Plates

Not so long ago few individuals were able to have private reg plates on their cars – most people simply used the plates the car was issued with to begin with. These days however, things have changed quite a bit. As private reg plates became more popular among the rich and famous, they’ve since caught on elsewhere and these days all sorts of people decide to buy personalised number plates for their vehicles. But why should you bother getting your own plates if you already get regular plates whenever youRead More

Signs That You Need Transmission Repair

Transmission repair is something that your vehicle might need at some point. You will know when this is needed by numerous signs you may experience with your vehicle. Every vehicle contains this important system in it. This includes vehicles that are automatic and those that have standard transmission systems. If you begin experiencing any of these problems with your car, bring it to a shop that offers repairs. If you catch the problem early, you may not have to have as many repairs done. This can save you a lotRead More

Evolution of the Caravan

A caravan is usually towed behind a vehicle to provide a place to sleep, cook and change. It’s like a small house but a wider tent, profoundly useful while traveling long distances. The caravan traces a more than a century long history. The gypsies were arguably the first to use a caravan as a means of shelter. However, the world’s first leisure trailer was built by the Bristol Carriage Company in 1880, for Dr. W. Gordon-Stables. Gordon-Stables later named it the ‘Wanderer’. In the late 18th century, the caravan wasRead More

A Beginner’s Guide to Electric Car Motors

At the heart of the electric car is the motor. Similar to the function of the car’s internal combustion engine, the motor provides all the motive power of the electric car. It is the means through which the car is able to move. Without the motor, electric car would not be able to work. The electric motor picks its power from the car’s batteries. It operates in the same way as the generator except that it provides movement instead of power for the car. The type of motor you useRead More

Alternative Fuel Automobile – Drive an Electric Car to Save Gas Expense

What is the most efficient alternative fuel automobile in the market? Surprising the most efficient car that runs on alternative fuel does not use any gasoline at all. It is the humble electric vehicle (EV). Most car owners are really stressed by the rising fuel prices. Refueling at the local station has become an expensive ordeal. Many people are actively searching for ways to reduce their gasoline expense bill hence the popularity of electric vehicle. Unfortunately, the current new models of electric car are still expensive and are not veryRead More

Great SUV Reviews

Seven passenger Sport Utility Vehicles provide a stylish, powerful alternative to large families and families with an active lifestyle. You can fit the kids, the football equipment, and the groceries and still have room to spare. On top of that, the eye-catching design of these SUVs will cause everyone to turn their heads when you drive by. Cadillac Escalade The Cadillac Escalade really is the “Cadillac” of 7 passenger vehicles. With a starting price of $63,000, rest assured that even the base model is very well equipped. With a powerfulRead More

Greener Motorcycle Headlights

The halogen lights you use for your motorcycle is not environmental friendly. They use a lot of energy and burns out frequently. Their light emission per energy ratio is also very bad. They are cheap, but you are killing the environment when you continue to use them. That is why you need to change to a better motorcycle headlight, Xenon or HID headlight. How HID help does save the environment? First of all HID uses less battery power than a halogen bulb. Comparing them side by side, the HID lightRead More

Quad Safety

The use of quads are very popular these days, however along with its popularity also comes the incidence of the escalating number of people who falls as victim of accident simply by the use of quad. This is more often the case because it’s usually teens and young adults who ride quads. Here are some facts to ensure quad safety: In case your kid is not old enough to get their own driving license then let it be reminded that they cannot operate any vehicle on the road. Just ifRead More

Bucket Trucks Buying Choices With an Auction Company!

Bucket trucks are an important type of equipment used in various applications such as power line maintenance, orchard harvesting, construction, and many other industries. Like most heavy equipment, acquiring a bucket truck requires a large investment; however, there is one method of purchasing these vehicles that can lead to a significant discount and that is through an auction. Most equipment that is sold through an auction is previously owned just like those handled through a dealership; however, there is no set price for equipment being sold at an auction. BiddersRead More

Who Says Minivans Can’t Be Cool and Sophisticated?

Minivans have always had a bad reputation, primarily because of the way they look, with a boxlike shape, having virtually no aerodynamic capability. They are considered to be boring vehicles, that are only used by soccer moms. But, there are many benefits of owning a minivan. First and foremost, they provide more interior room than most other vehicles, they have high storage capacities, and they are pretty comfortable. However, if you want to buy a sophisticated, high-performance vehicle, getting a minivan is probably not what you had in mind. ThisRead More